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Linen Face Masks


Stay safe and look stylish with our three-layer linen masks. These are handmade here in Sussex and feature a linen or an organic linen/cotton outer with a double-layer white Irish linen lining and a pocket for extra filtering. These masks are washable at 40 deg centigrade and can be reused. Linen is a naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial fabric, and has increased wicking properties that will take moisture away from your skin keeping you cooler. You can adjust the elastic if you wish and pull the knot through into the side. These masks complement our linen caps of the same material.

Mask size: 20cm x 12 cm.

Free UK p&p.

This is a non-returnable product. Not for medical use. Not an N95 mask. Filter pocket does not include filter.

Disclaimer: This type of face covering is intended to be used in public places including whilst travelling or at their normal place of work where the use of filtered personal protective face masks or surgical masks is not required. These face coverings do not provide any protection against infective agents such as viruses, but are intended to cover the mouth, nose and chin areas and provide protection again liquid droplets. The purpose of such face coverings is to protect other persons from potential spread of infection by the wearer rather than to the protect the wearer from infection from other persons. Face coverings covered by this specification are not intended to be used in medical or surgical environments as they are not intended to provide protection against fine mist particles of liquid, dusts or viruses. Face coverings intended to be used in medical or health care environments or used as personal protective equipment (PPE) are outside the scope of this specification.

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